Meet the team

Robbin Castillo

Yoga Flex & Calisthenics trainer

Yoga flex
In this yoga class we will focus on  the flexibility of the body and the observer of your being. We will use different techniques of stretching, combined with breathing and meditation. You will leave the class in a very peaceful state and with an open, strong, mobile body. This class is perfect after an intense workout.

Calisthenics is a form of physical training focused on teaching you to master your own bodyweight using minimal equipment.

The word calisthenics comes from the ancient Greek words kallos, which means "beauty" or "beautiful" (to emphasize the aesthetic pleasure that derives from the perfection of the human body), and sthenos, meaning "strength" (great mental strength, courage, strength and determination). It is the art of using one's bodyweight as resistance in order to develop physique. We will mainly use the floor, wall, bars and rings for our workout.

Charlie Hession

Handstand push-ups trainer

Charlie Hession has been engaged in high-level physical engagement for two decades, competing at a regional level in rugby and having a professional career in Combat Sports. Completing a degree in Sports and Exercise Science (physiotherapy dual Hons) BSc Hons in 2010, Charlie combines a scientific background to training whilst drawing from his professional experience.

Charlie made a change in his career path in 2012 and completed Codarts Circus Arts in June 2018, specializing in partner acrobatics. With a keen enthusiasm for handstands and head-balancing, he tries to fuse strict form with a strong focus on building physical strength to support movement.

His Gymnastic Classes are adapted to beginner, intermediate and advanced CrossFitters. Charlie focuses on shoulder strength and core stability, working to develop HSPU (Handstand Push-Ups) strength and the fundamentals of how to walk on the hands. Expect a gruelling HIIT workout!

Erin Burley

Gymnastic Coach

has six years of competitive gymnastics technique as well as a continued 15 years of professional circus training, teaching and performing experience.

Originally from Perth, Western Australia, Erin moved to Rotterdam to study at Codarts, where she gained her Bachelor of Circus Arts in 2019. A class with Erin focuses on using the smaller and specific muscles that surround large muscles groups, therefore protecting the body from overuse injuries as well as improving technique and efficiency in strength building.

You can expect a whole lot of fun (and muscle ache) as we explore a variety of skills on the bars, rings, in handstands and through floor movements, intermixed with dynamic flexibility training.

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