Meet the team

Michael Sanchez

Head coach

Michael has been a personal trainer for eight years and holds an NASM certificate as well as AALO Nederland Personal Trainer certification. He is passionate about snowboarding and training. For fifteen years he worked as a snowboard instructor, honing his skills as a personal trainer. Building on this, he undertook courses in personal training, fitness coaching, circuit training and nutrition.

Michael specialises in the delivery of creative, broadly diverse workshops that deliver real, long-term results for participants. He is experienced in delivering professional, tailored training through which he imparts knowledge, techniques and healthy lifestyle advice to people at all levels of fitness, with all kinds of fitness goals.

Charlie Hession

Handstand push-ups trainer

Charlie Hession has been engaged in high-level physical engagement for two decades, competing at a regional level in rugby and having a professional career in Combat Sports. Completing a degree in Sports and Exercise Science (physiotherapy dual Hons) BSc Hons in 2010, Charlie combines a scientific background to training whilst drawing from his professional experience.

Charlie made a change in his career path in 2012 and completed Codarts Circus Arts in June 2018, specializing in partner acrobatics. With a keen enthusiasm for handstands and head-balancing, he tries to fuse strict form with a strong focus on building physical strength to support movement.

His Gymnastic Classes are adapted to beginner, intermediate and advanced CrossFitters. Charlie focuses on shoulder strength and core stability, working to develop HSPU (Handstand Push-Ups) strength and the fundamentals of how to walk on the hands. Expect a gruelling HIIT workout!

Zoë Freeman

Weightlifting coach

Zoë has been a nationally competitive athlete for over 10 years in many different sports, including kickboxing, horse riding, and épée fencing. She began lifting weights in 2015 and won her first English Powerlifting Championships title just one year later. Since 2016 she has focused on Olympic style weightlifting, competing in national competitions every year since she began.

Zoë is a British Weightlifting Level 1 & 2 qualified coach with experience coaching a wide range of abilities - from absolute beginners all the way to national level athletes. She has shown that a focus on improving the quality of weightlifting movements will translate into increased confidence and strength in the lifts.

Zoë's class is an opportunity for beginner and intermediate weightlifters alike to learn the key principles of good lifting. Come along to learn and have fun!

She can do classes on: 27th April, 11th May, 18th May, 1st June, 22nd June.

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